About QLink

QLink is a physician-led clinical integration program in Middle Tennessee that works to ensure effective coordination of care to improve the lives in communities we serve. Being part of the QLink network offers physicians the opportunity to connect, collaborate and deliver higher quality care through the coordination of benchmarks, resources and best practices.

What are Clinically Integrated Networks?

Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) like QLink consist of individual providers and health systems that strategically collaborate to demonstrate the value of their services by coordinating and delivering better care at a lower cost. These networks must follow specific guidelines laid out by the Department of Justice in order to be considered a Clinically Integrated Network.

What are the benefits of being part of QLink?

Clinically Integrated Networks allow practices and physicians to remain independent while being a part of a larger community of experts. As members of a Clinically Integrated Network, physicians will have access to actionable data to design care strategies, and identify opportunities to improve outcomes and increase efficiencies.

This has added benefits for patients, since their physicians are able to access more resources and offer more efficient care. For example, a patient who sees multiple physicians and specialists may receive redundant or fragmented care. As part of a CIN like QLink, physicians will be part of a larger network with like-minded physicians and will have the ability to utilize network care coordinators and programs so the patient will receive the right care at the right setting at the right time.