QLink will collaboratively engage with patients and healthcare partners by promoting higher quality and fiscally responsible, patient-centered, coordinated care across the healthcare continuum.


QLink will lead the evolution of integrated care through superior clinical outcomes and the continuous improvement of the total care delivery experience.


  • Advocate -- first and foremost, we are patient advocates. We will be their champion and empower them to have a voice without judgement.
  • Integrity -- we will maintain a unified and ethical approach in all that we do.
  • Diversity -- we will recognize and celebrate the unique qualities of each individual.
  • Collaboration -- we will respectfully work with our partners to cultivate an integrated approach to care.
  • Ingenuity -- we will anticipate future challenges and develop innovative ways to improve the health of our patients.

Who is QLink?

QLink Physician Network is a subsidiary of TriStar Medical Network within the greater Nashville area.

QLink Physician Network is focused on a new model of healthcare delivery known as clinical integration which helps to align physicians, hospitals and payers in a collaborative effort that spans the continuum of care, improving quality and efficiency in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings.

QLink Physician Network’s goal is to build on the core strengths of clinical quality and service excellence to take healthcare delivery to a higher level of performance at a lower cost.

QLink Physician Network is operated by a governing board the majority of whom are physicians. Along with our governing board, QLink has a robust committee structure that executes on our quality and payer initiatives.

In order to become a participant in QLink Physician Network, interested physicians must sign a Network Participation Agreement.

Second, physicians will be required to collaborate with their physician colleagues and health system in the implementation of the clinical integration program.

QLink Physician Network will provide value added services to its physician participants in order to demonstrate value and link reimbursement:

  • QLink will utilize analytic tools to help measure, analyze, and evaluate physician and network performance which will enhance the quality, service and cost- effectiveness of patient care.
  • Physicians working through QLink committees will establish quality goals/ initiatives that provide measurable results.
  • Physicians working through QLink committees will evaluate the performance of QLink physicians in order to hold themselves and others accountable.
  • QLink Physician Network will negotiate contracts with payers.